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Mulberry Grove

Creative & Video Production Case Study


Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit, a new condominium development, needed to stand out in a saturated Bangkok market and attract a specific group of potential buyers seeking a unique and sophisticated lifestyle. Traditional marketing methods weren't effectively capturing the essence of the project and connecting with the target audience.


Mulberry Grove partnered with onepoint618, a leading branding and communication agency, to create a captivating webfilm video that would showcase the project's unique features, location, and target lifestyle.

  • Understanding the audience: onepoint618 conducted in-depth research to understand the target audience's demographics, aspirations, and preferred communication channels.

  • Crafting a compelling narrative: Onepoint618 developed a unique storyline that resonated with the audience's aspirations. The narrative went beyond showcasing the physical features of the condominium and instead focused on the emotional benefits of living at Mulberry Grove.

  • High-quality production: Onepoint618 leveraged their expertise in video production to create a visually stunning and emotionally engaging webfilm. The video incorporated high-quality visuals, captivating music, and a compelling voiceover to immerse viewers in the Mulberry Grove lifestyle.

  • Strategic distribution: The webfilm was strategically distributed across various online platforms, including the Mulberry Grove website, social media channels, and targeted online advertising, ensuring it reached the desired audience.

Video Production

Creative Concept

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