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“ONEPOINT618 didn't just create marketing materials; they crafted a compelling brand narrative that resonates deeply with our target audience of discerning luxury homebuyers. They understood the essence of luxury and translated it into every touchpoint.”
Somruethai Tantiworathaworn, Senior Marketing Manager, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC)


The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, the ‘Ultra Luxury’ condominium, one of the most expensive projects in Thailand. This is another project that creates challenges for digital marketing. The group of customers who will be the owner of this project must be a group of people with a special lifestyle above anyone.


The added challenge is that the project is a finished project. The project already has public relations and has sold almost all the rooms .The requirements that ONEPOINT618 team has received is to create awareness for those special customers. Through digital media in order to Lead those groups back to be the buyers of the project as much as possible.


The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok the super luxury property project by MQDC. We work closely with the Marketing Team to support digital marketing campaigns, Social Media content production, Website design, and Digital media advertising in several channel including with GDN covered text, banner and video ads,  SEM along with the Facebook advertising on both lead and conversion ad to help client reach up more potential customers which optimize by our professional team and achieved goal with very successful result.


The strategy laid out for this project is to provide media utilization services to cover as many channels as possible. To reach our target audience we are using data from the project’s own website traffic. Using information related to the lifestyle of the potential target audience and location information. 


When we put all the information together We will get a group of customers with a lifestyle and rather interested in being a group of real buyers.

New Market Strategy

Global Content Creation

Paid Media Management

Motion Graphics


Campaign Concept

Paid Search


Understanding your audience is the first step towards creating winning real estate marketing strategies. To know how to attract your audience, you first need to define who they are. Are you targeting the right people at the right time? Our end-to-end lead generation solutions with greater data-driven lead management tools, enables us to collect data, track conversions and deliver crucial performance insights.


lead conversion within 2 months


return on ad spending


ad impressions across 6 countries

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