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Taking Customer Experience to New Heights
“ONEPOINT618's meticulous approach and commitment to results have helped us strengthen brand awareness and position EVA Air Thailand as a leader in the region. We highly recommend their services to any company seeking strategic communication solutions that deliver exceptional results.”
Donya Vongya, Sales & PR Marketing Director, EVA Airways (Thailand)


EVA AIR Thailand, a leading regional airline, sought to elevate their customer experience in the digital age. While they enjoyed a strong reputation for service, their online presence lacked engagement and didn't fully communicate the airline's commitment to providing seamless and personalized travel experiences.


To address this challenge, EVA AIR Thailand partnered with onepoint618, a full-service digital marketing agency. onepoint618 developed a comprehensive strategy that enhanced social media engagement, leveraged influencer partnerships, and prioritized real-time customer service through social media channels.

  • Engaging Social Media Content: Highlighting the travel journey with pre-flight tips, in-flight experience, and destination inspiration. Interactive formats encouraged audience participation.

  • Strategic Influencer Marketing: Collaborations with travel influencers aligned with EVA Air's brand values reached a wider audience and fostered trust.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: A dedicated social media chat admin provided real-time customer service.

  • Community Building & Event Photography: User-generated content campaigns and professional event coverage fostered a sense of community.

  • Targeted Online Advertising: Facebook Ads and Google Display Ads reached potential travelers during crucial booking phases.


By partnering with onepoint618, EVA AIR Thailand successfully transformed their social media presence and customer service approach. The combination of engaging content, strategic influencer marketing, professional event photography, real-time customer service via social media chat, and targeted online advertising resulted in a more interactive brand experience, increased customer satisfaction, and a stronger position in the competitive Thai aviation market.


follower increase in social media


content interactions increase


increase in link click lead to website

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