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Altra Running Thailand

Hitting the Ground Running
“ONEPOINT618 is the social media agency who gets the entire social media tasks covered - ranging from planning, concept, creative, execute, and analysis - all under one roof.”
Apichart Piyasakulchaichan, CEO & Founder, RNG SPORT


Altra Running, known for its innovative footwear with a foot-shaped design, sought to establish itself in the Thai market dominated by established brands. RNG Sport, Altra's Thai distributor, faced the challenge of building brand awareness, educating potential customers about the unique benefits of Altra's footwear, and ultimately driving sales in a market unfamiliar with the brand and its philosophy.


Altra Running Thailand continued their successful partnership with onepoint618, a full-service marketing and branding agency, to develop a comprehensive strategy focused on social media engagement, influencer marketing, e-commerce optimization, and impactful product launches.


  • Engaging Social Media Content:

    • Diverse Content Calendar: onepoint618 developed a diverse social media content calendar featuring a mix of engaging posts. This included training tips, product demonstrations, user-generated content (UGC) featuring Altra runners, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the brand.

    • Storytelling & Community Building: onepoint618 incorporated storytelling elements into social media content, highlighting runner experiences and fostering a sense of community amongst Altra enthusiasts.

  • Strategic Influencer Marketing:

    • Brand Ambassador Management: onepoint618 continued to manage the relationship with Altra's Thai brand ambassador(s), ensuring seamless campaign execution and leveraging their influence to promote new products and events.

    • Micro-Influencer Collaboration: onepoint618 strategically partnered with relevant micro-influencers in the Thai running community to reach a wider audience and generate authentic product reviews and testimonials.

  • E-commerce Optimization:

    • Compelling Product Presentations: onepoint618 ensure high-quality product photography and informative product descriptions across all e-commerce platforms. This provided detailed information for potential customers and optimized conversion rates.

    • Targeted Social Media Advertising: Utilizing Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, onepoint618 implemented targeted campaigns strategically timed for new product launches. These campaigns drove traffic to Altra's e-commerce platform and generated sales.

  • New Product Launch Events:

    • Experiential Marketing: onepoint618 organized engaging new product launch events, creating a buzz around upcoming releases. These events could include product demonstrations, test-running opportunities, meet-and-greets with brand ambassadors, and exclusive discounts.

    • Social Media Integration: Live social media coverage of launch events was implemented to generate excitement and reach a wider online audience unable to attend physically.


By continuing their collaboration with onepoint618, Altra Running Thailand successfully maintained momentum in the Thai running market. The multifaceted approach, encompassing social media content creation, influencer marketing, e-commerce optimization, and impactful launch events, resulted in sustained brand awareness, increased sales, and a loyal following of Altra enthusiasts. Altra remains a leading force in the Thai running footwear market, constantly innovating and engaging its audience through strategic marketing efforts.


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